living a healthy lifestyle: how to stay on track

Right before and after January 1st, all of my social feeds become filled with endless, “how to keep your resolution” articles. Apparently, the media has caught on to the fact that the idea of keeping up with something for an entire year (or even a few months, at that) is pretty daunting. People love to set New Year’s resolutions for themselves because a calendar forces them to do so, yet there’s a universal, collective scoff at the concept of actually keeping them. I remember reading something last year that said 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Well, that’s encouraging!


I bring this up because the inability to “stay on track” is one of the biggest reasons people tell me they’re hesitant to even try to be healthier. I often hear things like, “I could be vegan for one day a week, but that’s it.” or, “I want to be healthy but I couldn’t keep up with it.” Come to think of it, I’m definitely guilty of this thought process as well. I believe a huge part of how I’ve successfully eliminated things out of my diet was by telling myself at first that whatever I was changing wasn’t forever, just to take the pressure off. Wtf is up with that?

In my opinion, there are two big reasons that many people don’t feel like they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first reason is that food choices often turn into habits, and habits are hard to break. The second? Fear.

I’m definitely a creature of habit. Once I’ve found a routine that makes me comfortable and gives my life structure, breaking away from that can be extremely difficult. Especially if those habits stem from my emotions (sweets before bed). Once your brain has made space for a food habit at a certain time of the day, your life can feel empty without it.

I’ve come to find that when people ask me how I stay motivated in all aspects of my health, my go-to answer, “willpower” isn’t supppeerrrr popular. Here’s the thing, though: Over the years, my willpower has gotten MUCH stronger because before making any drastic changes or right when I started my journey, I prepared myself to do so.

My advice? Simple: Set yourself up for success by PREPARING. Mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare yourself for the changes you’re about to make. Don’t let a habit or fear dictate your decisions. You dictate your decisions.

8 things you can do maintain a healthy lifestyle

1. educate yourself

What are the facts behind your decision? This has been really helpful for me when my emotions tempt me to make choices I normally wouldn’t. Before I went vegan, I read countless books on the lifestyle. This way, in a, “I want that slice of pizza and it’s making me sad I can’t have it, so I’m gonna have it,” moment, the logical side of my brain overrides the emotional and all of the FACTS behind why I became vegan pop into my head. You can do this with any lifestyle, form of exercise, etc. Read a damn book, peeps!

2. be honest with yourself about your reasoning

Why do you want to do this? Are you trying to lose weight, are you doing it for the environment, or are you just trying to experiment? There isn’t a right or wrong answer, however, there is an honest and dishonest answer. If you stay true to yourself and your reasoning, nothing can take that away from you; and it feels liberating as fuck.

3. surround yourself with like-minded people

I’m definitely not telling you to ditch your friends that don’t choose to live the same way you do. BUT, I definitely am telling you that adding more people into your life that do choose to live the same way you do makes the entire process a hell of a lot easier. I mean, who doesn’t want more friends?


4. find your “tools”

Imagine me saying tools in air quotes because these tools can be both a tangible and emotional thing. I’ve found a little bit of both work for me: journaling (physical and emotional), meditating, and running. For my personality type, fitness trackers really help with holding me accountable.


5. meal prep!

SAY IT AGAIN FOR THE FOODIES IN THE BACK. (Insert clapping emoji.) I can’t stress this enough. Obviously, you’re more likely to make a healthy choice if it’s waiting for you in your fridge. People are so hard on themselves when they make unhealthy meal choices, yet all they’d have to do to make choosing a healthy meal a no-brainer is prepare it ahead of time. It saves you money, you learn how to cook, the list of pros goes on and on. If you’re looking for some meal prep inspo, here’s my formula for quick, easy, plant-based meals.

6. share your experiences

I have amazing news: There is enough positive energy and abundance in the world for EVERYONE. So, why not share it with as many people as you can? Once I started noticing all of the positive things a healthy lifestyle did to my body and mood, I felt an overwhelming need to share everything I learned with others. Not only did this allow me to help people I cared about, but it also held me accountable. The more people I’d share it with, the more people that would reach out to me for help. Because of this, I made sure to educate myself as much as I could. It’s crazy what you can do when you know others are depending on you.


7. know that change is coming

…and keep with it until you start noticing a difference. In anything. Energy levels, weight, acne, etc. Everybody is different, therefore, change comes at different paces for everyone. But something I can guarantee is that as soon as one change happens, the rest come very quickly. Use this as motivation to keep up with it until you see the first change.

8. only do it if you’re ready

My mom read Skinny Bitch, The Secret, and The Seat of the Soul when I was in high school. She told me all about them, and I read The Secret when I was 17. It didn’t make a difference to me, though; the information went in one ear and out the other. During that time in my life, I was stubborn, insecure, and unwilling to change. It wasn’t until after recovering from my eating disorder that I was mentally prepared to take in all of the information I needed to make some positive changes. Don’t force it or it will become a chore. No one wants to do chores…


I hope these things can help you as much as they helped me. If you ever feel like you’re about to “fall off the wagon,” don’t be so hard on yourself. All you have to do to stay grounded is remember where you started and never lose sight of where you’re going.

In good health,



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One thought on “living a healthy lifestyle: how to stay on track

  1. Nicely mentioned tips to live healthy lifestyle. Keeping your body healthy and fit will make it more perfect. Regular health check up can be a solution to it as once or twice in a year this checkup will help to achieve complete screening of your body and issue will get discover in advance.


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